Track Website Traffic: 40+ Great Tools

The following tools will help you to better understand your website traffic, analyze and monitor all the visitors to your website. You will get access to vital information about your site’s audience. These tool will give you a clear picture of who is visiting your site or blog, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more…. A great list of available tools to be found here! :o) Click here to visit >>

The Freelancer’s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need

Running a business for yourself means you have to be inventive and always on the lookout for a new and better way to get things done. Innovation junkies, take note: the Internet has a lot to offer. From invoicing to marketing, these are tools that freelancers need to know about… I love internet! :o) Click to visit>>

Online auto-tracing tool (converts bitmaps to vector art)

Stanford University research project on converting bitmap images to vector art, aka “auto tracing” or “automatic vectorization”. Similar to Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace and CorelDRAW’s PowerTRACE but works better in many cases. Upload image and get a converted result (EPS/SVG) in a few moments. Holy moly this is truly amazing, thank u very much!! Click here to visit>>

100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images

Staying legal as a designer or webmaster means you’ll have to either create your own images or buy them from stock sites. Fortunately, there are a number of sources for free images,  read on for 100 sources where you can find free stock images: and don’t worry — they’re all legal! Click here to check out these great resources >>

Finally found this site again! I used to have it in my favourite list but lost it somehow.. Anyway, this site offers printing out your designs at affordable prices. Just ship in your design and they do the rest. I have not tested it out mainly because they don’t ship to Norway :o( .. But I dont plan on staying in Norway the rest of my life, the states is where I really want to live!! :o) So when ever I get my butt on over there and start my business (Which i’m actively working on as we speak), hopefully soon! I will test this out defenitely! If you have tested it out I would appreciate your comments on how their services are, just drop me an e-mail or comment if you know anything about their products :o) Click here to visit their site >>