Colour lovers great Colors & Palettes

At Colour lovers you can get loads of different colors and palettes for your designs! And even better, they got a great function where you can search in Istockphoto’s image database for images with the same colour that your chosen colour palette is.. I dig this great function!! Now you can make your designs streamlined and beautiful with hardly any effort ;o) To the guys at Colour lovers all I gots to say is WERE NOT WORTHY!! Head on over to their great site and chooose a palette that tickles your fancy!!

Turn your Web 1.0 site into a Web 2.0 site


This isn’t the 80’s. The Internet is now a part of everyone’s life so shouldn’t your archaic beast for a site also be? The answer is yes if you enjoy growth. In spirit of how badass Web 2.0 is I have assembled a list of 12 ways to turn your Web 1.0 site into a Web 2.0 site. Click here for to read this article…