48 Unique Ways To Use WordPress

WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms (if not the most), is capable of being more than just a blog platform. It’s capable of being a full-blown CMS (Content Management System). As someone who has both written small, custom CMSes from scratch as well as evaluated million-dollar professional CMSes for large corporations, WordPress‘ robustness never ceases to amaze me… WordPress rulz!! :o) Click here to visit >>

Cool Photoshop Explosion Effect

Ever wonder how they make those very awesome explotion tearing appart style effects in Adobe Photoshop? Well u shall wonder no more, check out this very nice tutorial over at PSDTuts! :o) I’m in the progress of making a lot of these tutorials for Firework users, I use mainly Fireworks for my stuff so pretty soon now I will post some tutorials for these type of effects :o)  Click here to visit >>