My latest images

Its been pretty bussy lately after I also started with photography, this is of course a positive thing!! After 1 year of concentrating on photography i’m pretty happy with the outcome. The feedback on my images has been better then I could ever have imagined! I really appreciate and would like to thank all the people that has featured my images in articles and for all the comments. Here is some of my latest stuff, hope u like it.

Some of my latest features:

Photography served | Fresh works from leading creative professionals | The best photo’s of the web Onexposure is an artsproject and a photo community with a difference.

Image of the month at Advanced for zero gravity, The image was also published in advanced photoshop’s UK Magazine

featured at Artists of photoshop

A few blogs I would like to thank for featuring me  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Give their great blogs a visit here. features lots of great artists in photography!
Designwannabe Lots og great design info defenitely worth a look! A great collection of awesome images!
Pixelstarter Lots of great and usfeful info!










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