Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6

Newer breeds of browser such as Firefox and Safari have offered support for PNG images with full alpha channel transparency for a few years. With the use of hacks, support has been available in Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6, but the hacks are non-ideal and have been tricky to use. With IE7 winning masses of users from earlier versions over the last year, full PNG alpha-channel transparency is becoming more of a reality for day-to-day use… Read more here >>

Beautiful design and art from Behance Network part1

I’ve been looking through some of my favourite designs over at Behance Network and decided to make a little post with some of them, there are so many great artists over there that I have to slice this post up into different parts. Here is part1 hope u enjoy it :o)




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WordPress stats plugin

Wp stats
There are hundreds of plugins and services which can provide statistics about your visitors. However I found that even though something like Google Analytics provides an incredible depth of information, it can be overwhelming and doesn’t really highlight what’s most interesting to me as a writer.. I agree, Google Analytics rules I use it myself :o) but for customers it can be too much info and hard to understand, this plugin is a nice thing to add in the admin panel for your clients.. Click here to visit >>