DesignFlavr is a breed of website that hopes to deliver the latest and freshest art and design straight to you with no frills and no hassle. The concept behind this website is to help support the vast and ever growing number of Designers and Artists that reside here on the World Wide Web… Stumbled upon this site today, lots of great stuff to feast your eyes upon :o) – Click here to visit >>

30 Photos That Inspired Me to Learn Photography

Being a graphic designer has made me fall in love with all things creative, including photography… Nice post with some very inspirational images, i’m in the process of making my first little homebased photostudio with all the works. This post just makes me want to finish up my studio even faster and get started testing out all the great stuff one can do with photography! :o) Click here to visit >>



Beautiful design and art from Behance Network part1

I’ve been looking through some of my favourite designs over at Behance Network and decided to make a little post with some of them, there are so many great artists over there that I have to slice this post up into different parts. Here is part1 hope u enjoy it :o)




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