Creativity Spark From Masters Of Illustration

Creative thinking
is an essential part of design workflow. Whatever sketch you are working on, at some point you find yourself in the situation where you simply need some fresh ideas to find your path around the creativity block. Going away may help. Listening to the music may help. But particularly the works of the famous graphic artists may help. In fact, studying them very closely, you can not only explore new ideas, but also learn the smallest details – they form the profound foundation of every masterpiece… Wow some amazing pics over here! Click to visit >>

Give Your Photos a Retro Comic Book Effect

How about a fun effect for your incredibly boring photo albums? Creating a old comic book effect for your photos is easy and the results are visually appealing. More fun is achieved when adding captions to your photos using comic book fonts and design elementsThis tutorial will show you how to give a comic book look to your photos using a couple of filters and some additional decorations… Pretty cool effect :o) Click here to visit >>

Beginner’s Guide to Photography for Geeks Who Want to be Digital Artists

“There is a lot of material in this article, so I suggest you have your camera with you as you read it and try out the techniques as you go along. If you don’t have a camera yet then you can still enjoy this article; however if you do intend to buy a camera sooner or later, I suggest doing so before you read.” Cool indeed, lets learn some basics! :o) Click here to read article >>