A quick look at 6 free Web Operating System

Imagine working on any computer and always being able to use the same workspace as long as your connected to the internet. With these web OS programs it should be no problem :o)

Desktop on Demand is promising even if its still in beta. As a user you will get 1GB free storage, access to tools and programs for e-mail, mediaplayer, editing of office documents and images, local search, messaging from a variety of services, file encryption, web browser and games.

EyeOS is still pretty basic, the cool thing about this web OS system is that its open source and can be downloaded and runned from your own domain/webserver. EyeOS offer, calendar, simple text editing program and rss feed reader.

G.ho.st is still in its early development stages. They are aiming to integrate with a lot of different services like office clients from ThinkFree, Zoho and Google. They incorporate a user interface similar to Windows. You get 3GB free storage.

Glide now in version 2.0 beta, also easy to use via mobile phone. You can edit office documents and images. 2GB storage.

Goowy has scored good in tests. They offer e-mail program, RSS, Calendar and contacts, also included is a lot of different games and useful widgets. All this with 2GB storage.

YouOS is perhaps the most known web OS system, its still in its alpha development. They offer more than 730 different applications! Storage is limited to 250MB, transfers are limited to 1GB a month. This is expected to change in the future though…

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